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goddamn youtube content warnings

Category: Music

so apparently i cannot download a single song from rage against the machine's self-titled album on youtube music. or listen to it uninterrupted(a content warning box pops up before each song) hell and fire on planet earth » Continue Reading

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I love seeing other trans people in the wild <3

Category: Life

I went to See's Candies yesterday and there was a worker named Kai with black and red hair (and was fairly clearly transmasc) and we both just looked at each other for a second in a moment of trans-to-trans communication and I feel like I'm going to remember that moment for the rest of my life. I don't know why, it's just very comforting to me. I ended up giving them a rainbow kandi single and som... » Continue Reading

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i need to talk about good omens or i'll go insane

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

-the fact that despite how in season one they made a point that aziraphale's the only angel that dances, crowley says 'you don't dance' in episode 5 -the joy in crowley's eyes when he's making maggie and nina's rainstorm (additionally, how aziraphale tries to change the bentley to yellow because "it's pretty") -GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY -nina presuming that he and aziraphale are a couple- more ... » Continue Reading

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hey hey hey look at my korn shirt

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

a while ago i went to hot topic and i got  this shirt  and i like it a lot so. behold (also in the off chance that the kid with the mcr ouija board shirt who traded me their forg kandi sees this, you were very cool and nice so thank you!!) » Continue Reading

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clownboy stuff :o}

Category: Blogging

klangles  and i are the same person, but also not quite. i'd liken him to a drag persona of sorts- he is me and i am him, but we aren't completely one in the same, and he's my favorite art form. he doesn't really have a distinct personality apart from my own, it's more like when i put on the paint i become more me. i feel more like myself than i ever do without it. i feel like no matter what anyon... » Continue Reading

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