clownboy stuff :o}

klangles and i are the same person, but also not quite. i'd liken him to a drag persona of sorts- he is me and i am him, but we aren't completely one in the same, and he's my favorite art form. he doesn't really have a distinct personality apart from my own, it's more like when i put on the paint i become more me. i feel more like myself than i ever do without it. i feel like no matter what anyone says, i look awesome, i feel awesome, and i'm genuinely happy with who i am. even though some people glare and point, klangles doesn't care. he barely even notices them, even if i'm freaking out over them. every time i paint him, it's different. i try not to repeat patterns, even if that means he don't always look like a traditional clown. one time, i painted a rainbow ripple from my eye across the rest of my face- it didn't look all that clownish, but it was still klangles. just more abstract, i guess. 

i remember the first time i painted klangles- it was pretty bad. i didn't know who he was at that point, and i had no idea what i was doing. and good god, it looks terrible. but i remember the indescribably wonderful and fantastic feeling of meeting klangles for the first time, and even though i didn't know who he was at first, i reckon he didn't know who i was either 

i don't really care whether other people like him or not, since i like him and i think he's beautiful and unique, and that's really all that matters. and as strange and unpolished as he is, i'm glad i have him for a friend, even if he's just an extension of myself :}

(i have some problems with like. perceiving reality the right way so i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense)

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