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My shitty health

Category: Life

If you read the other entry you know I have Lymes disease. It is such a shitty fucking disease, especially if you are like me and didn't present with the rash or whatever it is, bc if you don't present with it or any of the other most popular symptoms right away then you're fucked. And since you don't, you will slowly just start to get sicker and sicker, you'll feel worse and worse and no doctor w... » Continue Reading

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My shitty health

Category: Life

So, I have lymes disease, had it for years but all doctors turned me away and said i was healthy or that I'm mentally ill, or lazy, or whatever else so they wouldn't have to treat me bc no doctor in this country believes chronic lyme is a thing. Anyway, I recently got an allergic reaction and you know what was the first thing they told 17 y.o. me when I called for the ambulance? it was that me hav... » Continue Reading

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