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[Rant] Remastered Games Are Becoming a Joke

Category: Games

For the past year, I've noticed certain remastered titles (SMT 3: Nocturne and GTA Trilogy) are doing the bare minimum to port on newer systems. I'll go over each one and discuss the main situation about this remaster trend. Nocturne Remastered (2021) As excited as I was to play SMT on PC, it was a shame that Atlus published a game with some voice acting lines for bosses and the same sound quality... » Continue Reading

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Want to Make Your SpaceHey Page Wider?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Good day everyone, here's a useful code to modify your SpaceHey Page to be a bit wider for your tastes. Remember to put this code in the About Me section when you go to Edit Your Profile If you don't like the max-width's 1600px, you can increase it or decrease it as you see fit. Let me know if there's any issues in the comments, I'll try to respond when I can. » Continue Reading

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Add the MySpace Online Status to Your Profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Did you ever feel like having a piece of the past come back to your profile? Look no further!    - Version 1   - Version 2 Use the code below on your About Me page to change your Online Status to a retro look. Let me know if you have issues in the comment section! Version 1  Version 2 End result should be this on your page where your Online Status used to be: You can always adjust the width and he... » Continue Reading

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New Users, Activate 2FA After Registering

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

While this site gained hundreds of thousands of new accounts, some of my friends didn't realize there was 2FA to enable. Be sure to stay safe and avoid any suspicious links sent to you, even when you do activate 2FA Now to find out how to get to 2FA, go to your Home tab and click Account Settings. Then it'll say 2FA is disabled. Activate the 2FA feature, it'll prompt you to use Google Authenticato... » Continue Reading

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Made a Group for Roblox Mutuals

Category: Games

Hello again, this is a quick post to talk about a group I am managing for the Roblox mutuals I know. Although anyone can join too if they know about Roblox as a platform, even if you're new to it. I welcome anyone that wants to know more to join the group. Right now it won't have any modifications for layouts until I make sure it works on mobile. https://groups.spacehey.com/RBLX » Continue Reading

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Please Read if You're Adding or Already Added Me

Category: Blogging

Notice: Before sending friend requests, please read this blog to understand my views and my discretion over removing people from my friends list. If there's someone I added that I shouldn't have, please instant message me and I'll check as soon as possible. My Views and Expectations I won't cutthroat my views with political positions or labels, nor do I intend to indulge with people's differing pe... » Continue Reading

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