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Add the MySpace Online Status to Your Profile

Did you ever feel like having a piece of the past come back to your profile? Look no further!

   - Version 1
  - Version 2

Use the code below on your About Me page to change your Online Status to a retro look. Let me know if you have issues in the comment section!

Version 1 


    width: 100px;
    height: 25px;


Version 2


    width: 80px;
    height: 20px;


End result should be this on your page where your Online Status used to be:

You can always adjust the width and height, but keep in mind of its ratio so it doesn't look stretched. Thank you for reading and be sure to spread this around to other OG MySpace users!

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✨ LisaLove944 ✨

✨ LisaLove944 ✨'s profile picture

Thank you so much just like old MySpace!!

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SkyKid's profile picture

This is really neat, thanks :)

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Cathy's profile picture

This is Awesome! :)

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Glad this helped!

by IcyTea; ; Report

Miggy Jai

Miggy Jai's profile picture

Thank you :)

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You're welcome!

by IcyTea; ; Report


scrg's profile picture

pog gonna try

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Lemme know how it goes

by IcyTea; ; Report

it worked

by scrg; ; Report


codfish246's profile picture


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Redduka's profile picture

amazing, thanks for sharing!! :D

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cici's profile picture

worked well! thank you so much :D

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Kori 's profile picture

Didn't work for me, hm, im still figuring it out lol

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I noticed you got it fixed now. Was it due to an existing online status image being applied to the layout?

by IcyTea; ; Report

Yeah, it started working, i think i changed some stuff around and now its all good, thanks boss, keep up the great work!

by Kori; ; Report


JMoney's profile picture

So cool bro!! Thank you!

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Frankie's profile picture

Thank you so much! So could this code in theroy work if I replaced the link with a diff gif of an different online badge ?

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Yep, if you wish to change the source by all means go ahead.

by IcyTea; ; Report

I'm not sure I'm going to I'm just trying to understand more about why these codes work and how yenno

by Frankie; ; Report

Don't worry, I just realized I forgot to do yesterday so while some enjoyed this code, others were stumped. We're all learning of course and I do recommend dissecting a few layouts to understand how they function.

by IcyTea; ; Report

That's kinda what I've been doing with the one im using now , tweaking things slowly as I go !

by Frankie; ; Report

That's kinda what I've been doing with the one im using now , tweaking things slowly as I go !

by Frankie; ; Report

Great to know you're still processing this like I am

by IcyTea; ; Report