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Want to Make Your SpaceHey Page Wider?

Good day everyone, here's a useful code to modify your SpaceHey Page to be a bit wider for your tastes.

Remember to put this code in the About Me section when you go to Edit Your Profile


.container {
width: 90%;
max-width: 1600px;


If you don't like the max-width's 1600px, you can increase it or decrease it as you see fit.

Let me know if there's any issues in the comments, I'll try to respond when I can.

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another useful bit of code from you, thanks!
went with 1066 as 1600 was a tad big for me lol

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Completely understand, after I posted this I adjusted my profile down to 1200px

by IcyTea ; ; Report

ah yeah I tried 1200px too, but 1066 seems to fit just a little better imo, even though it's a bit of a weird number (basically 1600/1.5 got to me before 800*1.5) lol

by codfish246; ; Report