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the gore/nsfw problem

Category: SpaceHey

not sure why people are so insistent on doing this over and over. there are only a few solutions i can think of, since this keeps happening and it's up to the (poor, unfortunate, heroic) mods to actually screen/delete this kind of content ... if you're sensitive to gore/nsfw content , do not click on any profiles on the front of the new users page. most of these accounts get deleted after a time, ... » Continue Reading

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awesome stuff! (UPD8 10/5!)

Category: Blogging

gonna pin this to my profile so i can share the cool stuff i come across >:)  music: toad and the stooligans , really cool hip hop group! heavy funk/jazz influence milo , this song and video in particular is one of my favorites of all time batzorig vaanchig , mongolian throat singer. this is a video of him playing with his daughter! cute AND really cool HIT IT, JOE if you haven't listened to april... » Continue Reading

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uploaded my first layout!

Category: SpaceHey

give it a look-see! i did this one on a request! i had a pretty good time, so i might take some more sometime. of course i'll have a lot less free time for it once i start working, so, we'll see :p » Continue Reading

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funnybone's bangin baked mac and cheese

Category: Food and Restaurants

do you want to be the favorite at potlucks/family reunions/thanksgiving? do you want everyone to enjoy a rich and delightful cold-weather comfort food? are you the kind of person who dislikes the artificiality of kraft or velveeta cheese? can you tolerate a shitload of lactose? do you enjoy the overwhelming desire to take a nap immediately after a large meal? then just trust me ok trust me. go to ... » Continue Reading

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hatsune miku ... LIVE ...

Category: Life

i am perhaps the luckiest person on the face of the earth. my partner and i will be seeing hatsune miku LIVE IN CONCERT ... we're going to take a trip to new jersey to see her !!! the ticket prices were actually really good, altho we won't be very close :p i'm so excited that i'm worried !!! we have to book a hotel and everything aahhhh !!!!!!!! >. < » Continue Reading

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coding is fun !

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i'm learning to appreciate the value of painstakingly going through and neatly organizing a website's code. it looks really nice when everything is neatly put into place and condensed ... and it runs better too. i'm just playing around on the spacehey editor, but it's still honestly really relaxing! (until it breaks, then it very much isn't ) the one thing i wish i knew to do sooner is to reduce t... » Continue Reading

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my first post ...

Category: SpaceHey

coding takes FOREVER!!! and i'm the type of person that just REFUSES to post until my layout and intro is to my satisfaction ... i've been at this for two entire days. clearly it's taking a while, so this time i won't bother. don't perceive my page right now!!! aagghhhhh!!!! it's nice to meet everyone, i'm a tumblr native who emigrated to twitter before the exodus, fled from that hellsite AGES bef... » Continue Reading

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