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SceneKel's blinkie dump

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

2 -- Looking for Stamps? -- Please inform me if I haven't given the proper credits for blinkies or if the creator is uncomfortable with reposting!! -- -- Credits:  1   2 » Continue Reading

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SceneKel's Stamp Dump (3K+ Stamps!!)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Last updated: 1/27/2024 Most recently Added:  Fandom Stamps 11 NEW Userbox blog! -- Stamp group!  (on site) this is most likely the largest stamp collection on spacehey » Continue Reading

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photo of me i took on my DSi!!

Category: Life

i posted this to bulletins already but i wanna keep it on here 4 da future!! i went to the mall 2day and tried 2 film a vlog which went terribly!! i only got a minute of footage :C will post onto my youtube soon!! (✿◕‿◕✿) -- Edit: It is premiering in 2 hours (o゜▽゜)o☆ » Continue Reading

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userboxes by scenekel

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

userboxes r so fun to make!! feel free to use any of these on ur profiles or reupload them! no credits needed! :D (will update this blog entry when i make more) How to add these:  Right click and select "Copy Image Address" for the link -- My stamp blog :3 My blinkie blog » Continue Reading

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do NOIT!! drink monjster enegery!!!

Category: Life

hey guys iy s me sqaut goals!!!!!!!!! IM HERHER 2 talk abou7t monster engery@@@!!!! do not dirnk momster energay@!!!!itll turn you into a demon amd youll go "deibls dont fly!!! so dont expeftt me not 2 fall!!" so dont dr innk monster engery!!! or else my mom will have to give yop8 u a bibble!! and youll have yto read the entire thing befoe5re drinking anoither ones!!! anyways guys um if you see oo... » Continue Reading

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MLP G5 Figures are good

Category: Blogging

yesterday for my birthday i went around looking at stuff and buying like 3 things then around the end of the day i decided to stop by another store which obviously ended in me buying the ribbon styles sunny starscout figure (MLP G5) Who happens to be my first g5 toy 5/10 for brushable hair, the mane is very pleasant and untangled but the TAIL is completely tangled 10/10 no change in plastic used f... » Continue Reading

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toola roola MLP g3.5 stole my queen chrysalis pony!! PART 2

Category: Writing and Poetry

part 1: *Spacehey user SceneKel is running through the streets, chasing after toola roola g3.5* "*huff- huff-*" "GIVE ME BACK MY QUEEN CHRYSALIS FIGURINE" SceneKel says toola roola g3.5 turns around "Why do you want her back so much? do you care for HER more than ME?" "No! not at all! You are one of my favorites! Just of another generation of MLP!" "Well,... » Continue Reading

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toola roola MLP g3.5 stole my queen chrysalis pony!! (STORY!! MY OWN FICTION!!)

Category: Writing and Poetry

i stole yuor freaking queen chrysalis figure!! mwahahahw!! NO HOW COULD YOU.. YOU MONSTER.. YOU KNOW SHE MY FAVORITE!!! :CC SAVE ME USER SCENE_KEL ON SPACEHEY!! WHAWHAWHAHW!!! we fight at 5,, user scenekel on spacehey         FRICK YOU!! I WANT MY QUEEN CHRYSALIS                                                                                 FIGURINE BACK!! if you see this queen chrysalis figurine... » Continue Reading

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Comment and I will respond with a song from my spotify likes

Category: Music

Comment a number between 1 and 999 and I will respond with a song from my likes, This blog will update whenever I remember to update the numbers!  I will also respond with the month/day/year that the song was added » Continue Reading

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Nyan⁓ Neko Sugar Girls Opening analysis by SceneKel

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

The anime opens with the song  True Love - Jun FT. Schanita  playing in the background as each character is introduced one by one with unique animation. The character Koneko-Chan Is introduced, She has Plum colored hair, It also is very clear that she is a cat girl, You can tell as she has Cat ears and a Cat tail that are the color Brown. The animation zooms in on her face revealing her bright yel... » Continue Reading

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Rating monster flavors!!

Category: Food and Restaurants

The classic 10/10 Tastes like Reddit bound 20 year olds in their moms basement! 10/10 so tasty! -- Pipeline Punch 10/10 Tastes like 2020 and fruit punch (duhh) but I like this flavor far more than any fruit punch lol -- Mango Loco 5/10 I liked it more the first time i tried it but to me it lost its kick immediately after/ -- Khaotic 9/10 very tasty!! -- Zero Ultra 10/10 I didn't like it the first ... » Continue Reading

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scene kel (Real) art dump !

Category: Art and Photography

Just a silly little art dump to put my art of the totally real scene underscore kel real » Continue Reading

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