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MLP G5 Figures are good

yesterday for my birthday i went around looking at stuff and buying like 3 things then around the end of the day i decided to stop by another store which obviously ended in me buying the ribbon styles sunny starscout figure (MLP G5) Who happens to be my first g5 toy

5/10 for brushable hair, the mane is very pleasant and untangled but the TAIL is completely tangled
10/10 no change in plastic used from previous generations
10/10 accessories that come with the figure
10/10 cute face!!:3 (g3.5 still has cuter faces tho ofc)

Up down left and right head movement with ribbons coming out of the back of the head, can tie these ribbons around the hair to make pretty hairstyles, Comes with Stickers to give the figure more personality, hair clips and accessories to attach to the clips

overall a good figure!!

G5 isnt that bad and i will stick by this statement


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g5 is so overhated, the movie was the highlight of my year

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i sooo agree!!!! secrets of starlight was fire too

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