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The Patron Saint of Gay Mercy Works at Starbucks

Category: Life

Today I had to get my car serviced (100k miles baybeee), so I took some books, one of which was Against Equality , a book so visibly gay it might as well come with sequins After a while I needed some coffee, so I went across the street to Starbucks. Blinded by my insatiable lust for vanilla sweet cream cold brew, I didn't notice the two church busses outside and when I went in there were 30+ middl... » Continue Reading

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Sherry Turkle and Capitalist Brainrot

Category: Books and Stories

This is reposted from my site, engiqueering.com. You can read the original post here Lately my reading habits have been a little all over the place, but like, in a good way. I spent most of March and early-April slogging through Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle. I first read Turkle a few years ago for a university course that was supposed to be on AI and ethics. It was actually the Luddite... » Continue Reading

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What I've Been Reading Lately (March 2022)

Category: Books and Stories

So the first quarter of the year absolutely flew by. Here are some of the books I've been reading lately, as well as a list of books I have on the shelf to read soon. Some of the stuff here is queer-oriented (mostly lesbian) YA novels. My step-niece-in-law came out recently and I got a whole stack of books to give her the next time I see her, and obviously I'm going to read them first because the ... » Continue Reading

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2021 Book Roundup

Category: Books and Stories

This year I got back into reading more regularly. Not gonna lie, some weeks I didn't read at all and then some weeks I read like a feral animal digging into a pack of hamburger. I have no sense of organization and my time management skills are unimaginably bad, so this is the way I stutter through life. So, here's a list of the books I read, not in any particular order, with non-Amazon links where... » Continue Reading

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Math is ridiculous

Category: Blogging

I've been thinking about this all day since I saw it, mostly about how you would even go about finding a value that disproves the theorem. If you iterated through all the numbers looking for one that doesn't terminate, wouldn't you end up in an infinite loop? Like, if I wrote a class in Python that uses an integer not bound by usual data size limits, and let it iterate, how would I tell the differ... » Continue Reading

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The New Yorker Caption Contest is RIGGED #1

Category: News and Politics

For the last year, I've been sending in occasional attempts to win the New Yorker caption contest. So far, I have been unsuccessful and this is because they are a bunch of bourgeois fools without any sense of artistic integrity. Because they are physically incapable of appreciating true genius, I will be documenting the deserving entries they continue to ignore here. Rejected New Yorker Contest En... » Continue Reading

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Trying Gong Fu Brewing

Category: Food and Restaurants

After the mandatory period of Stubborn Resistance To New Things, I've decided to try out Gong Fu brewing for my tea today. It has gone better than expected, and I am a fool for not trying it before. For background, I drink a lot of tea. Like, so much tea that Adagio sends me daily emails because they know there's a solid chance my impulsive gay ass will buy something. Not that any of y'all asked, ... » Continue Reading

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