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ean's conundrums ch. 0 | hello world!

Category: Blogging

5/15/23 ahoy!! my name is ean, but i also go by hawko, kip, and quark. i'm preparing to move to from the big city to the middle of nowhere for college and i've got a natural tendency to ramble, so i figured that now would be the perfect time to start a blog! i'm a little new to all this, so forgive me if i make any silly mistakes. anyways, here's a bit more of a detailed about me! i like to consid... » Continue Reading

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ean's conundrums ch. 5 | thanatos

Category: Life

9/29/23 ahoy! i'm back on the grind bringing you nothing but the latest in greatest in ean's conundrums. in the last 2 weeks i've grappled with both soup cans, visitors, my own mortality! fun times indeed. but let's get the boring stuff out of the way first.  firstly, my studies have been going well. my classes have finally taken off the training wheels [except for english. god i hate english.] so... » Continue Reading

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ean's conundrums ch. 4 | get used to it

Category: Life

9/15/23 ahoy-hoy! things are finally starting to settle down as i settle in. i've finally worked out a steady routine between school and work, which helps a lot! i like having a kind of daily rhythm that i'm able to flow through. it makes life easier when you have a rough plan with some level of consistency. it's really nice. i've been staying busy lately, but it's just more of the same. except fo... » Continue Reading

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ean's conundrums ch. 3 | long haired country boy

Category: Life

9/2/23 ahoy y'all! it's been quite a minute since i've had the chance to really update this thing. i thought i was busy before but i had NO clue how busy i'd start being. luckily, it's been almost all good things for the most part!! my classes have finally started! i've been loving them SO much. except for english but that's bc im a stem major. i'm studying electronics engineering so my main two c... » Continue Reading

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ean's conundrums ch. 2 | summer of our discontent

Category: Life

8/11/23 hey guys, hows it going. i've simultaneously been super busy and doing nothing at all. it has its ups and downs. i guess that's just kind of what happens when you move to the midwest and have an entire summer to yourself ! i'm employed now! double employed, actually. i got two jobs!! i only just started them within the last few days but they seem pretty chill for the most part. the first j... » Continue Reading

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ean's conundrums ch. 1 | settling in

Category: Life

7/29/23 hello!! it's been quite a while since i've updated ean's conundrums, i've just been really busy!! i moved all the way from florida to missouri about a month ago, but i'm finally settled in and able to blog about it all! moving has been kind of messy. i'd imagine thats kind of the status quo for any move This far but my luck always amplifies those kinds of things. i had to go for like 2 wee... » Continue Reading

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about me survey!!

Category: Quiz/Survey

im planning on being a lot more active on spacehey now that i've kind of settled into my apartment. i have a whole heapin load of blog ideas but for now i figured a good start would be to steal content from my friend!! they did an about me survey like 4 months ago so now i am following in their footsteps . thanks bella . THE MYSPACE ABOUT ME SURVEY TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name:: ean nickname:: also... » Continue Reading

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