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ean's conundrums ch. 2 | summer of our discontent


hey guys, hows it going. i've simultaneously been super busy and doing nothing at all. it has its ups and downs. i guess that's just kind of what happens when you move to the midwest and have an entire summer to yourself !

i'm employed now! double employed, actually. i got two jobs!! i only just started them within the last few days but they seem pretty chill for the most part. the first job i got is at my school rec center. i'm basically a glorified receptionist who sells memberships sometimes so it's kind of a cake walk. i just got it bc it's super close to where i live and i'm FIENDING to interact with my classmates. 

my other job is SO cool though!! i got hired as the office manager of a local museum. which is kind of a big jump in professionalism for me but i'm excited. also its entirely run by volunteers over the age of 60. im the only teenager there. which is.. interesting? i mostly got the job bc they wanna start getting younger people involved with the museum and i was the only one who knew what an instagram was so they hired me same day. i'm in charge of helping get that done while also juggling all of the planned exhibits. they're kind of lamesauce but they've started growing on me. like, the main exhibit that goes live in a few weeks is about the history of local post offices. which sounded UBER boring when i first got hired. but like.... there's so much drama? with towns switching names at indeterminate periods in time? i've always been more of a math person than a history one but this is starting to warm me up to it. i even get access to all of the archives and off limits areas!!! its so cool. 

anyways, i had quite the conundrum yesterday! i had just clocked off at the museum and was getting ready to leave and deliver a letter to the city council about our upcoming exhibit (small town shenanigans lol). but wouldn't you know it, my truck wouldn't start! and of course, right as soon as i swear out in frustration, i get a text from my manager at my other job. he messed up the online schedule and was expecting me that day when i wasn't supposed to come in and was asking where i was. so i told him "hey im at my other job?? and not scheduled for today?? and also my truck just broke so i couldnt show up if i wanted to?? see you tomorrow???" i had to call my grandpa to give me a jumpstart so i could get to the mechanic and have a new battery put in. it was frustrating and a pain in the ass but i still delivered the letter at the end of it! 

i know i kind of joke about it now that it's over, but it really sucked actually. i just kind of wanted to go home and cry. not just because of this one conundrum, but just. everything. i haven't cried since before i moved so i'm a little overdue. on paper, i'm doing really well for myself! i have an apartment, i have jobs now, i've been working on fixing up my record player. but there are some things i just can't shake. i moved 1000 miles from my hometown and all of my friends and a majority of my family, i haven't had a casual, non-work related conversation with a person my age in over a MONTH, and the quiet of living alone is starting to get to me. i still go and see my grandparents for dinner almost every night, but its not the same yknow? i'm already anxious enough for how i'll be treated as an Other in a town like this, and it doesn't help that i don't have the slightest clue what people my age are like in a town like this. i just want classes to start already so i can get it out of the way and hopefully find other Others. maybe even go on a date or something. 

anyways, that's enough emotional vulnerability for now! i'm thinking about starting a separate blog series alongside ean's conundrums about different cryptids!! i've always been in to them, but i've been getting SUPER into them lately. i bought a book about all the different ones in america and its so interesting!! maybe i'll share my thoughts on different ones..? i'll figure it out. maybe i'll even do an entry tonight after i get off of work! that might be fun. also i know i said i'd make this weekly but i think biweekly works better and you can eat my shorts if you think otherwise. 

wish me luck,


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