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ean's conundrums ch. 3 | long haired country boy


ahoy y'all! it's been quite a minute since i've had the chance to really update this thing. i thought i was busy before but i had NO clue how busy i'd start being. luckily, it's been almost all good things for the most part!!

my classes have finally started! i've been loving them SO much. except for english but that's bc im a stem major. i'm studying electronics engineering so my main two classes are circuit analysis and microcomputers. we've been getting to build and troubleshoot breadboard circuits and at the end of the semester we'll be buiding gaming pcs that we get to KEEP!!! isn't that so cool?? i'm just glad to finally be around people my age again. i'm slowly starting to make friends and its just.. nice. it feels nice. i haven't gotten real close with anybody yet but the people in my classes are all in my major and super nice. hopefully by my next entry i'll have started doing more with that!

i also finished training at my first job at my school rec center. they've had me working so many late nights that i've barely been getting enough sleep, let alone free time. at least its a relaxed job. i'm able to get most of my hw done on the clock which helps so unbelievably much lol. i've also noticed that my customer service voice has gone regional. back in orlando, i would say "have a good one!" but the other day i caught myself saying "take it easy, yall" with a real country drawl and had a brief existential crisis at my rapid descent into becoming a country boy.

in other news, i'm still learning the ropes of being a manager at the cultural heritage center, but it is SO interesting. the post office exhibit officially opened and we had over 100 people come in. we had a big picnic with hotdogs and bratwurst and the whole nine yards. it was really cool. i got to give a press release on it today and have my picture taken for the newspaper!!!!! i'm SO excited to see it. i got into the local paper (passingly) for being involved with the town farmer's market so to get in two issues back to back is really something. i'm finally starting to soak up everything this town has to offer and feeling like a real member of the community. now that i have access to proper museum records i'll have to do some digging and see if there's any cool paranormal stuff in this town or if i'll have to venture outwards for stuff like that. fingers crossed i'll be able to do a ghost hunt or something like that eventually!! if i find enough, i might even do research towards making an exhibit about the county's paranormal history. that might be a little too sacrilegious to get approved by the museum board though lol. 

anyways, i've decided that each of my blog entries will be named after a song! i did it intentionally for the last entry and unintentionally for the first few but thought it was fun enough to continue. it gives me a chance to reflect and connect themes to music i think. also it means i dont have to come up with names myself AND get to make a cool playlist out of it. two birds with one stone. 

that's all i have for this entry!! im planning on finally starting up that cryptid blog sometime this weekend too. with labor day i can actually take a break from Life and get some kickass bloggin' done. 

lady luck's a lesbian,

ean s

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