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im planning on being a lot more active on spacehey now that i've kind of settled into my apartment. i have a whole heapin load of blog ideas but for now i figured a good start would be to steal content from my friend!! they did an about me survey like 4 months ago so now i am following in their footsteps . thanks bella .



name:: ean

nickname:: also ean! or hawk

how old are you:: 18

zodiac sign:: sagittarius 

current location:: middle of nowhere, missouri

eye color:: hazel

hair color:: brown

hair type:: wavy-ish

hieght:: 5'7ish

your heritage:: mixed race! hispanic/white

what's your middle name:: secret

shoe's you wore today:: these awesome brown skechers

your weakness:: eggnog icecream

your fear:: doing more harm than good

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: nope

do you want to:: it sounds terrifying. absolutely.

goal you would like to achieve this year:: survive freshman year of college

first thought when you wake up:: "why did i wake up so early" 

best physical feature:: my hair

who is your bestest freind:: i have way too many bestest friends to count! it would be unfair to put any one over the other. anyways mini and henry

when is your bedtime:: 11:30pm [i am up past my bedtime]

your most cherished memory:: vincent's 12th birthday sleepoverWOO

pepsi or coke:: i used to be super hardcore coke enjoyer but recently i tasted nitro pepsi and it is HEAVENLY. like. im talking literal ambrosia. elixir of the gods type shit. it tastes like a rootbeer float without the ice cream. it is genuinely so good and i hope pepsi comes out with nitro dr pepper im going to send them an email after this because i havent felt this impassioned about a tooth rotting product since i sent a letter to jelly belly jelly beans in 5th grade. nitro pepsi my beloved

mc dondalds or burgerking:: mick dongal

singel or group dates:: single! but a group one sounds fun

what is the last song you sang:: if it wasn't for the nights - abba

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: hell yea

what is your biggest pet peeve:: chewing with your mouth open

do you drink:: never

ever been drunk:: nope! 

do you smoke:: no i have asthma

do you "SMOKE":: haha no ! i am a law abiding citizen. what need do i have for that !  what kind of Miscreant Scoundrel do you take me for! 

do you sing:: exclusively in the car

what color underwear do you have on:: gray

do you want to go to college:: i start next month! super excited

have you ever been in love:: yeah

do you wnat to get married:: maybe

do you believe in yourself:: hell yeah i do!

do you believe inothers:: of course!!

do you like thunderstorms:: they are delightful

do you play an instrument:: i tried to learn piano and guitar but im not really a music kinda guy tbh

what do you want to be when you grow up:: professional gadget and gizmo tinkerer

what country would you like to visit:: just about anywhere that isn't america!

how many CD's do you own:: not enough

how many DVD's do you own:: not enough

how many tattoo's do you have:: 0 im a coward but i wanna get one!

how many piercings do yo have:: 0 im a coward with no plans of getting one!

how many things in the past do you regeret:: just a handful


shoes:: my silly black and purple pair

radio station:: spotify dj bc he always exposes my losercore music in front of my passengers

drink:: nitro pepsi (dr pepper close second)

car:: jeep renegade

place:: anywhere i have my trinkets

song:: come and get your love - redbone

movie:: bill and ted's excellent adventure

moment:: that brief moment when you're still dreaming while waking up

color:: purple, blue, and green!

meal:: mac and cheese


favorite eye color:: hazel (selfcest)

favorite hair color:: brunette (selfcest)

short or long hair:: depends on the style! but generally long for dudes, medium for girls

height:: short

body type:: huggable <3

does ethnicity matter:: nope!

piercings:: yes plesae

tattoos:: yeas


do you think you are attractive:: im so unbelievably hot

are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: nope!

would you like to be someones fantasy:: who wouldn't

hunter or hunted:: secret third option

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: closed

a little or a lot of tongue:: just a little. as a treat .

older or younger:: older

lights on/lights off or candle light:: candle

do you like to cuddle after:: yes please

do you like to cuddle in general:: hell yea im Built for cuddles


what is todays date:: 7/20/23

what time is it:: 2:20am

who are you thinking of:: myself

what are you listening to:: silence because my bluetooth earbuds died and my new pc setup doesnt have speakers

do you love someone:: all of my friends!

do you know where your mechanical bull is:: i will soon make a great pilgrimage to venture out and find it

does someone love you:: i sure hope my friends and family do!

is it raining:: unfortunately not

how many myspace friends do you have:: 35

are you happy:: yes! :]


Take this survey -> https://www.pimp-my-profile.com/surveys/view.php?id=34598

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