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ean's conundrums ch. 4 | get used to it


ahoy-hoy! things are finally starting to settle down as i settle in. i've finally worked out a steady routine between school and work, which helps a lot! i like having a kind of daily rhythm that i'm able to flow through. it makes life easier when you have a rough plan with some level of consistency. it's really nice. i've been staying busy lately, but it's just more of the same. except for the fun stuff!!! which i am going to talk about now i promise. 

the county fair was in town last weekend!! i got to help run two booths at it: one for my grandparent's honey business, and one for the museum i work at. it was a little overwhelming having to run back and forth between them, but i had others helping me so it started getting kind of fun! the weather was really nice so a lot of people came out. there were sooo many small businesses that had set up booths there too. i got to buy some freeze dried candy it was kind of kickass (albeit a little overpriced lol). it's certainly a different way of life than i'm used to back home. everybody Knows each other and goes to events like this. there's a real sense of community in small towns like these. i still miss the city, but it's really interesting seeing how people live out here. 

my classes have been a lot of fun too!! i really love my circuit analysis class. my teacher is such a wildcard of a person that it makes it really fun. he's super good with electronics, but he also runs the school fight club and has the most eclectic music taste i have EVER seen. he took a break from his lecture about potentiometers to give us a breakdown of why trap jazz belongs next to foo fighters in his 35 hour spotify playlist. he's just like me fr. also bc i grew up in florida i never really got full on Seasons so all of my classmates are poking fun at me for wearing sweatshirts and joggers now that it's less than 65 degrees outside. im sorry for being a floridian im just trying not to freeze. 

tangentially related, i'm so excited to get full on seasons!! i've Seen snow before, but i've never really lived snow. trees don't really change color either, so i cant WAIT for fall to kick into full swing here. there's so many forests here that i really wanna get good fall photos of. AND HALLOWEEN OMG. i'm gonna buy a bunch of halloween decorations when i make my monthly drive to the city this weekend. it's spooky season yall. i'm gonna pose a plastic skeleton in the back of my truck to look like he's just chillin' and riding with me. halloween is by far my favorite holiday and now that i have an apartment all to myself i can't wait to decorate it. 

anyways, that about wraps things up as of late! hopefully the next two weeks are a little more eventful, but i don't know if i'd be able to keep up lol. i'm writing this at work now and it's almost time for me to close, so i better wrap things up! this week's title song is get used to it by ricky montgomery. i don't really have a full on explanation for it or anything i'm just queer so i like ricky montgomery. ALSO HIS NEW ALBUM COMES OUT IN A FEW WEEKS IM SO EXCITED OMG!! ok that's all i have for today. here's the obligatory spotify playlist plug

wish me luck,

ean s

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