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My name is Alice and I'm 16!

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Category: Friends

I GOT MY GF TO JOIN SPACEHEY!!!!!!!1111!!1!@!!!2 :)))))) » Continue Reading

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Stupid English Class

Category: School, College, University

I finally finished english class for my homeschool. Now I only have a few more classes to do and then I can finally finish and a take a mini break. I’ve been pushing myself too hard for this shit. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

The day has just started and it does feel a little down but it’s okay! You can still make it a good day. If you don’t want to thats fine too. Without bad days there wouldn’t be any good ones. :) » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I really wanna shift but I just can’t seem to do it yet. If you don’t know what shifting is then I recommend searching it up so you know what I’m talking about. I want to shift to a dr where I can meet my gf irl or a dr where my grandma and bunny are still alive. They died way too early right when I needed them the most. If you have a shifting method or tips tell me plz!!!1! :(( » Continue Reading

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Precure Season Theme Idea

Category: Blogging

If I somehow was able to make the theme for a Precure season, I would do like a video game theme. Their little gadgets can be gameboys and they can be called Pixel Precure or something like that. Ooo and they fight in the video game world to stop the villains from ruining games and stuff. Idk I just thought it was a cool concept. Also, there would be a green cure for once :) » Continue Reading

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School is dumb

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I hate school. The school system is outdated and really needs to be fixed. I am home schooled although I used to go to public school until the end of 7th Grade. My mom works for the school board of my local public school, and she even agrees that it’s stupid. I am very happy I am doing homeschool now but I do wish hanging out with irl friends a little. I’m actually supposed to be doing school rn s... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I wish I had friends who lived closer to me. I live in Virginia and most of my friends live in other states. Even my girlfriend lives all the way in Indiana. I wish I could see her :(. If theres anyone who lives in Virginia and has similar interests don't be shy to send me a friend request! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I'm going to eat breakfast with my mom and great aunt. I've been to the place before it's very nice and cozy. I'm probably gonna get french toast. I recently got the LG Lollipop flip phone. It's sooo cute! I need to get a USIM card for it, it should come in soon. I'm do excited to use it. I'm gonna text my gf all the time on it lol. » Continue Reading

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First Post!

Category: Games

Help I can't stop playing Honkai Impact 3rd. Its so fun and addicting. If anyone wants to add me here is my UID! 104366312 » Continue Reading

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