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Animation Thesis

Category: Art and Photography

hi hello! im gonna talk about my thesis bcs thats all i can think about latley ok so, these are Time and Space!   The story follows both of them, as they are "born". Time at first is a tiny ball of l » Continue Reading

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being aromantic allosexual

Category: Romance and Relationships

i discovered i was aro two years ago, when jaiden animations uploaded her video coming out as aroace  Video here! it fucking blew my mind, 70% of the video is her explaining what being aro means, and like, i -knew- what it was, but hearing her experience was crazy, i related so much to everything she said then i saw a tik tok with a mitski song - » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

HI!! HELLO HELLOOO ok i been looking for fmab fans here, doesnt look like theres much of us around :tumbleweed: either way, im gonna yap about my fmab au it's a classic modern au, ling and greed live together (they are cousins!). Ed and Al are also roomates and best brothers-best friends! ed al ling winry and lan fan go to uni, stuff they study (very inteligent people!) » Continue Reading

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