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Animation Thesis

hi hello! im gonna talk about my thesis bcs thats all i can think about latley

ok so, these are Time and Space!

 Time and Space

The story follows both of them, as they are "born".

Time at first is a tiny ball of light, travelling in the space (lol). Space is just a point, motionless, but when Time light them, they star to grow, rapidly gaining three dementions, and growing in size in the screen.

then, the two of them collide, ready to colaps. But Time pulls back out of fear.

ok i dont wanna spoil the rest!! but the story is basically Time accepting change and embracing this explosion with Space with a dance! (kinda steven universe coded yk)

[all of these is based on the marriage of the Red King and the White Queen in Alchemy, here is a lot of information that I collected in the early stages of development (then I had to study what space and time are like, separately, hard work)]


tell me what do you think

se ya!

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I really think all the info you got from the investigation you did is really interesting and i LOVE Time's desing. Also idk if i alredy told you but i like the subject you talk about in your thesis and i think it's a unique twist on a somewhat overused subject! Besides it's such good characterization! Like it makes sense for Space to be so... espacious (is that a word) and the same goes for Time. I like your thesis, i'm hoping it gets chosen bc i really wanna animate it!!!

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thanks girly,
honestly, i'm not feeling so hot about my thesis, i think it's lacking, something?? maybe when I get to storyboard I fall in love with it again (i hope so)

implementing mixed media is something that excites me, if it gets chosen, everybody will hate me for it lol

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it makes sense that you feel that way bc rn we're in phase that i feel is not suited for the type of animated short you have in mind. Very restrictive in many ways, i'm sure that when you make the storyboard you'll love it again :]

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