ok i been looking for fmab fans here, doesnt look like theres much of us around :tumbleweed:

either way, im gonna yap about my fmab au

it's a classic modern au, ling and greed live together (they are cousins!). Ed and Al are also roomates and best brothers-best friends!

ed al ling winry and lan fan go to uni,

stuff they study (very inteligent people!)

Ling yao: Political science

Edward: Chemistry

Alphonse: Biophysics

Winry: Engineering, works part time at a vehicle repair center

idk yet what lan fan studies... maybe she plays a sport (been watching haikyuu too much)

GREED IS A TIKTOKER WHO POST THIRST TRAPS, and i think that's canon, like if arakawa where to read this she would say "yeah that's real". he's also in a band,,, the devil's nest.. i know im a genius.

the elrics spend time at lings place, Ed pretends to hate greed, but thinks of him as a cool uncle

Winry lives with granny, she's a very busy woman, but tries to hang out with the gang when she has the time shes thinking of attending nursing school when she gets her Engineering degree

i think ling is in love with ed and greed helps his little cousin (and teases him, bisexual mentor style)

ed struggles with his bisexuality, having a crush with both winry and ling

al is aromantic, BCS I SAY SO

winry is bussy being iconic, but she does like ed a tiny bit

lan fan is everyones fav lesbian!!

ok what aesthetics i tought they would wear

ed: trashy streetwear, maybe grunge-ish at times

al: old preppy boy, a lot of button ups sweaters and fleece jackets

winry: Y2K QUEEN!! big pant tiny shirt

ling: hippie stuff, oversized everything

lan fan: goth queen

greed: gym bro loser

some fanart i did


ling and greed

have a good day yall, im gonna do uni stuff.... BYE!!!!!!!

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