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the people yearn for bringing back blogs and online forums!!

i've spent the last 5 hours customising my blog and i fucking love it, made me wanna update my tumblr ( its looking kinda rough rn

idk i like the customization that these pages allow, and with twiter beeing a shit hole i kinda prefere this site to talk to de void (now fr, on twt my friends can read what i post but im not very sure if we will use spacehey in the future [I HOPE SO ITS FUN])

my head hurts and i should be doing uni work, but im having fun! i'm gonna work in the weekend

I've been trying to watch less Tik Tok, I'm not winning at it, I should probably uninstall it, but...... FOMO, I hate being so addicted to Tik Tok and twt. I want to be a little more chronically offline, but I've been cursed... I can't... I love the Internet. not so much these last few years, with AI and stuff... that sinks

well, sorry if this is nonsense, english is not my first language and i don't have any respect for it!!

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