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16, they/he, pfp iz mi, im a zombi XD

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(T _ T)

Category: Romance and Relationships

I just want and emo partner so badd (T _ T) » Continue Reading

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<33333 - 9/26/22

Category: School, College, University

Hii y'all I'm baack, I need help cuz I went to the tech office at my skool the other day and there was this student working there and they was so f___ing cute ahhhhhh! But I can't talk to them though cuz they were working and they were like in the back  Diagram of office for reference:                                   Back of room |                        [His desk]                               ... » Continue Reading

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Hiiiii - 9/7/22

Category: Blogging

Hiii I just started high school :( Today was my 2nd day. I made a friend though and they're pretty cool. I met this student in the grade above me that's pretty hot- They might have a partner though ;-; There's also a hot person in my sci class sooooo yeah. I'm too scared to say anything though. I'm watching IZ rn Gaz is my favorite. ttyl byee » Continue Reading

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8/27/22 - IZ

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I'm obsessed w/ Invader Zim now lol  Gaz is my fav » Continue Reading

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8/25/22 - tea (vent?)

Category: School, College, University

Hey y'all! Today I went shopping and got a backpack, pens, and pencils cuz school for me starts on the 1st T . T Not looking forward to it cuz I get barked at and picked on by the ugly basic kids  at my school  just cuz I'm gay and dress nice. I also have to see my 2 friends from last year and one f___ing hates me sm (I'll call them A) cuz A's crush/our mutual friend (who I'll call B) liked me and... » Continue Reading

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First post!

Category: SpaceHey

Hi! I'm Liz (any pronouns) and I'm new here. I hope to cultivate a following on here and maybe make some new friends. I'm into sciences like STEM, computer science, pharma, and genetics, and I also like art, anime, cartoons, fashion, and cosplay. I'm married to Kusuke Saiki » Continue Reading

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