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Hii y'all I'm baack, I need help cuz I went to the tech office at my skool the other day and there was this student working there and they was so f___ing cute ahhhhhh! But I can't talk to them though cuz they were working and they were like in the back 

Diagram of office for reference:

                                  Back of room

|                        [His desk]                                             |

|                                                                                    | - Walls

|   [2nd tech guy's desk]             [Main tech guy's desk]    |

|                                                                                    |

                              Front of room

They kept looking at me and I kept looking at them and then we'd look away at the same time but keep locking eyes. Also he was working on a computer and like I love computers sm but idk what I'm supposed to do cuz I wanna get to know them and stuff (and maybe date them) but idk wtf to doooo.

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First step would be to offer him some food and then getting the courage to actually talk to him. Worst he can do is ignore you

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I've never seen hime outside'a the tech office though T . T but thx

by Codymassacre; ; Report

Do you have any friends that know him?

by 𝕕𝟘𝕥𝕥𝔼_; ; Report