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1/20/23: My first blog/Intro blog

Category: Blogging

I decided to try out spacehey after seeing someone on twitter using it. Im really interested in 2000’s internet so I thought why not. Im working on learning HTML (Especially since i wanna b a coder in the future) and soon I’ll do some fun stuff with my profile (for now I only got the font down but my background just wont work) Anywayys on this blog I’ll probably post like my day 2 day thingz, drea... » Continue Reading

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1/28/23 On a more positive note

Category: Blogging

I kind of disappeared haha Anywaysss that comes with some good news! My past blogs r super depressing bcuz I’m a super depressed person but I’ve actually been in an ok mood because I got a laptop! It’s a crappy old family laptop my mom gave up to me (2014 toshiba and can barely run anything) and I downloaded vocaloid, Utau, fl studio and the sims! Ive been all over this laptop 4 days which is why ... » Continue Reading

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1/23/23: Im a selfish person (but what’s wrong with that?)

Category: Life

Today after receiving my terrible grade for Spanish (62) I did some hardcore reflecting on my life and came to the conclusion that I am selfish. I always knew it but never wanted to think hard about it until now. My friends are better than me and that upsets me greatly because I am selfish. My friends are failing math and Spanish but still have a higher grade nonetheless and it’s been like this si... » Continue Reading

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Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

IVE GOTTA BE THE DUMBEST PERSON ALIVE   So I basically haven’t turned in any work and the marking period is said to end in like January which is January now so fml. For social studies Ive had my work folder in my book bag the whole time and my teacher stopped accepting unit 2 work (i think but I’m hoping not) SooooooOoooooO technically I haven’t done any work for unit 2 BUT I HAVE MY DUMBASS JUST ... » Continue Reading

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1/21/23 Just dailies and a little vent

Category: Friends

Hi guys and welcome back to my epic blog (insert sunglasses emoji) Ok lets be serious now today I did nothing really notable except I renovated my home screen to be vocaloid themed (not done yet) It used to be Omori themed and honestly I liked that one better than this current one (Not much resources when it comes to any vocaloid that sent Miku or the Kagamines mainly Miku thought like I wanted to... » Continue Reading

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