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So I basically haven’t turned in any work and the marking period is said to end in like January which is January now so fml. For social studies Ive had my work folder in my book bag the whole time and my teacher stopped accepting unit 2 work (i think but I’m hoping not) SooooooOoooooO technically I haven’t done any work for unit 2 BUT I HAVE MY DUMBASS JUST LEFT IT IN MY BOOKBAG OMFG and then for math….oh god math. I HAVE A 47! A FUCKING 47! And all bcuz of khan academy. Apparently she assigned a buttload of shit and didn’t announce it 2 the class so I had no idea until a few days ago. ELA I didnt do an essay but I still have time to turn it in. It’s basically done but I just need to find one more piece of evidence but its like not easy to find (its an of mice and men essay btw) so whatever I’m good besides that ill probably get like a 70-80 (hopefully) and science i know I have to have like an 80 or more bcuz i do all my work and this project i got an 100 on so I’m all set and then Spanish I should at least have a passing grade bcuz I turn in most of my work (emphasis on most of) and then for my preps. Apparently music is a number grade and i haven’t turned in a lick of music work so fuck me and P.E. Is a pass or fail and I never participate because its like w=right in the morning and who wants to run around early in the morning? Not me ok but like minimal effort got me a pass last marking period so I’m hoping for the same this marking period and my last class is steam and we haven’t had much work 4 it (we have it once a week soo) and I’ve done all that work so i should be all good

Idk about honorroll anymore atp i just wanna make it to high school so as long as I pass I’m all good (even if its a barely pass and even if my parents rnt happy abt it sucs 2 be them then ig sorry ur head canons 4 me didnt come true mom)(the parent shit is a topic for a whole ‘nother blog) but uhh yeah I actually do care and will cry if I get lower than an 80 ahaaaaaaaaaaa (kill me) but yeah I’m the dumbest person alive and might have 2go2 Saturday school 4 math (and rlly who wants to spend their Saturday on school? Not even most of the teachers want 2 I hear them complain all the time abt it like my Saturdays r the only thing that keeps me sane so without that ill go crazy) manifest 4 me guys ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok byeeeeee-aaaaa go make some bad decisions (except dont or else you’ll end up like me) 

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