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updated list of my favourite movies

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

1. Se7en 2. Sixth Sense 3. Good Will Hunting 4. Trainspotting 5. Fight Club 6. Pulp Fiction 7. Whiplash 8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 9. Mid 90s 10. little miss sunshine honourable mention to the entire jackass series but Ive watched them so many times I can't place them on this list » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

TUMBLR PHOTOS AND VIDEO my friend put a band together and we played for the first time together today and recorded a song he made.  there was some really metal bassist guy and his girlfriend who ive never met before but they were both so cool and nice to talk to. the studio was small cause it was only in someones attic and it got HELLA hot in there, we practiced for a while and just hung out talki... » Continue Reading

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things i wanna do before i die

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i am young and young people have stupid out of reach dreams, heres all of mine -skydive -do things out of my comfort zone -climb a fuck ton of mountains -act in a movie -become a fluent skateboarder -release music officially -perform music live -perform comedy live -party -fall in love with the perfect person -have a nice home -travel more -go on more runs -finish school with good grades -find tru... » Continue Reading

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angry poetry RAHHH!!!!!11!1!11

Category: Writing and Poetry

Are they more interesting than me? Do they satisfy your God Complex? Will they stay loyal to you until you inevitably get bored of them too? Like a puppy, tearing its toys apart, discarding them a shell of their former selves. I guess you didn't mean the things you said to me, I suppose they were just the same lines you practise in front of the mirror each morning, the thing that keeps people like... » Continue Reading

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Category: Travel and Places

i might post some pictures of the rest of the cabin later, its pretty nice, i bought my skateboard and guitar. theyve got a dvd player too and i bought "good will hunting" from home with me so i can watch that some night » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

POSTERS: pulp fiction::: friend stole £5 so he could buy a 3 for 1 poster deal, he gave me one but not my money back >:( MCR danger days::: just love 'em. Elliott Smith::: my hero and favourite musician what we do in the shadows (TV)::: used to be my favourite show, dont really like it anymore rancid::: MY FAVOURITE PUNK BAND!!! its their new album cause it came with the record i got. the beatles ... » Continue Reading

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some song lyrics i wrote: this place

Category: Writing and Poetry

shortest song ive ever written, its only about a minute, but this is the best song ive ever made, wish i could share the guitar part (im shit at lyrics) everythings getting too much, i think ive had enough, yet youre still here beside me. so cover my eyes, cover my ears, dry my tears, stay with me here. everythings getting too much but i think i can face it, as long as youre beside me. so cover my... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

did a big expedition for the UK bronze DofE award. currently running on 1.5 hours of sleep. ive been up since 6am. unwillingly ofc. other people woke up at 5 am. heres everything thats gone silly: -got lost 15 times yesterday -had to call the teachers emergency hotline 5 times -chocolate melted all over my thrasher magazine -got an excited series of texts from my crush about how he asked a girl ou... » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

we had exams in the big sports hall for the first time today. maths and english literature english literature is what i wanna do in the future, but both the tests went so shit. its not even like i can drop school and become a prozzy cause im too introverted and i cant act sexy for the life of me. heres some other unlikely avenues: NUMBER 1- get a time machine to 2003 and become a ghost writer for ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Are you a bored teenager/adult with nothing to do? Friends cancelled your plans to meet up again? Don't have any friends to go out with to begin with? Well, fear no longer!  Pull out your lap top, click that sexy power on button, and check out this collection of websites ive discovered over the last 6 months, and never be bored again! #1: - Wanna find out the meanings to your favo... » Continue Reading

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he's still here

Category: Writing and Poetry

i feel his presence as vivid as ever, i remember his laugh, his talent, his humour, his attitude, traits that would make the luckiest man insecure. I still see him, for how can i forget? A role model, an idol, a hero, as long as the tides continue to crash, and the wind continues to blow, and the sun keeps beaming, he's not gone, not really, he never really left to me. everything around me gives m... » Continue Reading

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most depressing love story ever

Category: Romance and Relationships

theres this boy ive liked for a while, ive known him since we were kids and hes so so so so so cool. he listens to metal, old rock and he skates. Hes obviously out of my league so ive never told anyone i like him. today we were sat in this big group on the school field and we were both talking about music together: Ozzy Osbourne and the Beatles, and he was showing me some cool songs. i thought "fu... » Continue Reading

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