angry poetry RAHHH!!!!!11!1!11

Are they more interesting than me?

Do they satisfy your God Complex?

Will they stay loyal to you until you inevitably get bored of them too?

Like a puppy,

tearing its toys apart,

discarding them a shell of their former selves.

I guess you didn't mean the things you said to me,

I suppose they were just the same lines you practise in front of the mirror each morning,

the thing that keeps people like me coming back to you,

like ducks,

clumsily bumping into each other for the tiny little crumbs of self worth you seldom deliver.

I'm happy for you,

i really am,

because maybe, just maybe,

your half-decent qualities will shine through this time.

And if not, at least someone else will know you for the self-righteous prick you are

because I can honestly say ive never met someone like you.

someone as demeaning, cocky and insecure as you are.

So have your fun now,

before your childlike attention span moves on to the next toy.

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