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Nightmare shenanigans

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

CW: brief mentions of death and body mutilation Greetings! So, after months  of having no dreams whatsoever, I ended up getting a nightmare and what a nightmare it was! The first time in years I woke up because I was disturbed. So from what I remember, I was in an overflooded mine doing god knows what and I see this guy picking up something knee deep in the water. Then the guys arms started to get... » Continue Reading

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Comfort food

Category: Food and Restaurants

Never thought that I would say this but... I think during Uni (before COVID appeared) I accidentally created a meal that I now consider comfort food. After I did my chores it was pretty late and had not eaten anything since I woke up at 10 am so I decided to cook some frozen veggies for old times sake. While they were defrosting in the oven I wanted to try to switch it up a bit so I chopped up fou... » Continue Reading

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