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Manga (and manhwa) I've read so far (will get updated occasionally)

Category: Books and Stories

So! Over the last 6 months or so I've read a decent amount of manga and I wanna share with you all with the hopes I'll get to talk about them with someone...or give some recommendations. The manga featured was compiled by one of my friends on discord, so massive THANK YOU  to you, Disco! So without further ado, here are the man » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

I made bread for the first time! I tried to make a heart cutout but it looks like a ballsack- Also mom tried to steal credit of my work smh the audacity  » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

LOOK AT THE EASTER BUNDT CAKE I SOMEHOW MADE!!! Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?!?!?!? » Continue Reading

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Dream I had

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Last night had a dream where I was in my old high school's gym and was avoiding the high school/uni classmate I had a crush on and for some reason decided to have takeout with me (had taco salad or something). Afterwards I decided to return and watch what was going on when I was approached by this gorgeous girl with dark curls up to her shoulders! She was talking to me in a very thick and accented... » Continue Reading

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One month into being 24: observations

Category: Life

Now that I've been 24 years old for a month, here are some very true and accurate observations: I dress like shit; I look like absolute garbage; I am constantly gassy and fart more than a middle aged dad; I am getting uglier by the second and I genuinely mean it; I am fat as fuck; I am getting dumber by the second; I am developing a hunchback from slouching;  My memory is ass; » Continue Reading

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Frivolous wishes

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I cannot lie to myself anymore- my heart longs for the gentle embrace of an oversized Poet shirt straight out of the coffin of a 19 th  century aristocratic vampire. Puffy sleeves, white linen, the lace, ALL OF IT! Alas, my hands are not skilled enough to make one myself and Amazon is not a possibility for they are too snobbish to even  consider  shipping in Eastern Europe. Only option left is a s... » Continue Reading

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Nightmare shenanigans

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

CW: brief mentions of death and body mutilation Greetings! So, after months  of having no dreams whatsoever, I ended up getting a nightmare and what a nightmare it was! The first time in years I woke up because I was disturbed. So from what I remember, I was in an overflooded mine doing god knows what and I see this guy picking up something knee deep in the water. Then the guys arms started to get... » Continue Reading

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