Nightmare shenanigans

CW: brief mentions of death and body mutilation


So, after months of having no dreams whatsoever, I ended up getting a nightmare and what a nightmare it was! The first time in years I woke up because I was disturbed.

So from what I remember, I was in an overflooded mine doing god knows what and I see this guy picking up something knee deep in the water. Then the guys arms started to get eaten by piranhas and while he was screaming, he picked his arms out of the water and I distinctly remember that what was left of his arms were bits of tissue, muscles and tendons covered in blood. The guy then tried to climb up the wooden stairs but unfortunately he fell face first into the piranha infested waters and his face started to get eaten. After moments of agonizing screams he pulled his head (or should I say whatever was left of it) out of the water and the sight was rather grizzly. His head was gone and all what was left of it was the bloody stump of the neck. To make it worse, his neck was coughing and hacking up blood while trying to breathe in oxygen. 

After witnessing said scene I ended up waking at 6:30 am in a suffocating room completely dehydrated while witnessing the sunrise. Sadly I was out of water so I had to sneak downstairs to grab a bottle of carbonated water while trying not to wake my mother up. Afterwards it took me an hour to fall asleep again (I was doing, ahem, things ) and I woke up tired at almost 11 am.

While in retrospect this nightmare in particular doesn't seem that scary (believe me, I've seen worse during my edgelord phase a few years ago) but the thing is, there were pretty realistic screams involved. Hell, all my rare nightmares over the last six years had pretty realistic screams and painful groans involved. And I have no idea why is that. 

Maybe it was because of the hot room, lack of water or the fact that I spent a few hours on r/IcebergCharts and dwelled on the shit I recognized on the top charts, I had a sucky night and a ruined morning. But I'm doing all better now.

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