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Last night had a dream where I was in my old high school's gym and was avoiding the high school/uni classmate I had a crush on and for some reason decided to have takeout with me (had taco salad or something). Afterwards I decided to return and watch what was going on when I was approached by this gorgeous girl with dark curls up to her shoulders! She was talking to me in a very thick and accented voice and it all felt very tender and romantic!

Afterwards we both went to her apartment to talk about stuff and for some reason I noticed that she had the paperback edition of John Green's book Paper Towns (the blue one with the town in the back) and we continued to talk surrounded by a tender and vulnerable atmosphere. I noticed that she had a grey futon type bed rolled up in a corner but unfortunately for me, I was woken up at the exact moment.

I've been awake for a few hours already and I miss the woman in my dream already! Maybe I'm romance starved to the point of insanity but damn, I wouldn't mind having a dream like that again! The one thing I can conclude is that I think I'm finally over the previous crush that I had years ago. Being a lesbian is tough lol.

Anyone knows what could it mean?

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I saw a tiktok last night saying to write down your dream when you wake up and look up the meaning because whatever the dream is, it's important. This is because it's the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Pisces and it's going to give you wild asf dreams.

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Huh, makes sense actually. Will take this advice into consideration. Thank you!

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