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One month into being 24: observations

Now that I've been 24 years old for a month, here are some very true and accurate observations:

  • I dress like shit;
  • I look like absolute garbage;
  • I am constantly gassy and fart more than a middle aged dad;
  • I am getting uglier by the second and I genuinely mean it;
  • I am fat as fuck;
  • I am getting dumber by the second;
  • I am developing a hunchback from slouching; 
  • My memory is ass;
  • One of my shoulder blades is kinda hurting;
  • My posture is ass;  
  • I am developing the music taste of a middle aged man;
But it's not ALL doom and gloom...just most of it :/

 The good stuff for some optimism:

  • I can decently cook;
  • I like to degrade men and act like their mistress;
  • I am still romance trash;
  • I unironically talk yo my friends about cooking;
  • Not a complete fossil yet;

So yeah, hope I scared anyone who read this tomfuckery.

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