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just lost my pride and joy, my baby - grief

Category: Pets and Animals

Hi, all. I haven't been on in forever... First, I had my birthday out of town, which was quite a bit of fun. Then I came home and immediately got a super painful stomach flu. So bad that I couldn't drive myself to urgent care and someone else had to. Then...I found out that Chibi, my dog of 16 years, had end stage kidney failure.  It came out of nowhere. Doctors explained that early detection is d... » Continue Reading

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did muh hurr~ e-girl photoshoot owo lmaooo

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

so i went absolutely balls to the wall when i first dyed my hair  enjoy the cringe, laugh at me with me special edition: (why tf did i spend an hour making this instead of writing my essay oh shit) I fucked up and put my name too far in the corner :'( » Continue Reading

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Tell me your favorite...

Category: Friends

Tell me your faves!!! Musician/band: Color:  Vegetable:  Toothbrush:  Breed of dog:  TV show:  Cryptid:  Anime 👀:  Sock:  Here's mine Musician/Band: old school would be MCR, new school would be Hot Mulligan or Hail the Sun Color: rainbowwww Vegetable: broccoli  Toothbrush: electric Panasonic something or other  Breed of dog: golden retriever  TV show: dont really watch it but I guess game of thron... » Continue Reading

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JJK Simping (No Manga Spoilers in Comments)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Ok but is anyone else out here DYING watching Jujutsu Kaisen??? THE AUTHOR DREW THE GUYS RIDICULOUSLY HOT Idk about you, but I don't see many boy anime that draw the men like they just stepped out of an otome game, like what the actual fuck Exhibit A: Nanamin He is pure husbando material and you could cut steel with those  CHEEKBONES.  I'm also just a sucker for blondes, 2D and 3D » Continue Reading

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mad, mad, mad nostalgia for tripp pants

Category: Life

Seeing all of these blingees weirdly reminded me of how excited I was to start high school. I actually enjoyed school, and each year, I would work super hard to look my best on the first day. For Day 1 of freshman year, I had tried to dye my hair purple, but it washed out orange because my hair hates me. I can't remember my shirt, but it was probably some black button up with a skinny red tie. I h... » Continue Reading

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