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Update on me since its been a year (TW Vent)

Category: Life

So, i'll start with the good things. I've been in a relationship for almost a year, on the 19th of this month it'll be a year since we've known eachother, heaven knows how much I love him. I also started studying again, studying music/singing in a conservatory, I had quit during the end of last year cuz I was struggling w some things, so this year I came back and my grades are doing well. Also I h... » Continue Reading

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The end of a life phase

Category: Life

It's been 6 months since I finished Secondary School (what could be considered Highschool in other countries) and it's been 1 month since I turned 18. Part of me doesn't wanna grow up, the real world is scary, there's so much stuff I gotta learn that nobody prepared me for, it's either that or my anxiety makes it seem worse than it actually is. The other part of me is excited for the freedom, but ... » Continue Reading

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Weird dreams I've had 2

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Hello people, here I am again two weeks later with this topic, I procrastinate a lot but now I feel like writing again. Like I said before, my dreams, or nightmares actually, are more anxiety inducing and the feeling of being chased is something that always repeats itself. Also the feeling of loneliness,  even if there is someone with me in the dream, I can't see them directly, I know they're ther... » Continue Reading

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Weird dreams I've had

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

(TW death) Hello people! I decided it'd be interesting to talk about my weird dreams I usually have. I don't have nightmares often, but when I do have not so cool dreams, they're more filled with a sense of constant anxiety all the way rather than terror for a few seconds like a jumpscream. So im gonna start describing a few of them: (Just one in this blog) First one that comes to mind, me and my ... » Continue Reading

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Finished coloring pages! Enchanted Forests 1.

Category: Art and Photography

Hi, these are the pages that I finished coloring from my Enchanted Forests coloring book, I'll be sharing the rest from this one and other coloring books when I finish them. c: Forest Fruits My second fav one, it has more shading than the rest. » Continue Reading

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Hi, new to all of this :D

Category: Blogging

I spent two whole days editing my profile, it was a lot. It took me a while to get used to css but got quicker with the inspector tools lol. Never got to try MySpace so this is very exciting. It's 5am here, so I should probably go to sleep gudbye lmao xd » Continue Reading

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