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The end of a life phase

It's been 6 months since I finished Secondary School (what could be considered Highschool in other countries) and it's been 1 month since I turned 18. Part of me doesn't wanna grow up, the real world is scary, there's so much stuff I gotta learn that nobody prepared me for, it's either that or my anxiety makes it seem worse than it actually is. The other part of me is excited for the freedom, but what am I gonna do when I dont have the energy to even exist. I know what I love but I dont know when im gonna do it, the world's context doesn't help. 

But I didn't beging this blog just to complain, I'm here just to share my nostalgia of a place I know im gonna miss, I miss only caring about my school work, having one clear purpose, keeping my mind busy, now I have to look for my own purpose and its not gonna be an easy thing what so ever.

Liminal spaces. Right in between the ending of my teenage years and the beggining of my adulthood.

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Shadow Bliss

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yeah I have been stuck in that phase for 7 years now.

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damn, that must suck

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