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Weird dreams I've had

(TW death)

Hello people! I decided it'd be interesting to talk about my weird dreams I usually have. I don't have nightmares often, but when I do have not so cool dreams, they're more filled with a sense of constant anxiety all the way rather than terror for a few seconds like a jumpscream. So im gonna start describing a few of them:

(Just one in this blog)

First one that comes to mind, me and my mom in a hotel in a foreign place/country. That's the beggining context but that's not the weird part. 

Me and my mom are walking through the city late at night, the city seems empty and lonely, the streets are smaller than usual, they feel more like hallways rather than streets. They also remind me of some parts of Buenos Aires, streets where there isn't a part where the cars can drive through and its just a full sidewalk, covering all the street because its a place where there's a lot of bussineses, but all the bussineses are closed, dark, you can't even see inside the shop windows, they're all covered up. And even tho they're similar to my home province they don't feel familiar at all. 
So we're walking, and I only feel a sense of I have, have to hurry up and get to safety, get to the hotel, it feels like there's danger on the streets even tho they seem empty at the beginning. Sometimes we have to walk up some stairs, get to a rooftop and go back down through another set of stairs, the streets and the feel of them remind me of the Pupper Combo game, The Night Ripper.
After we get down some stairs and reach another street, that looks exactly the same, but feels more claustrophobic, we start seeing bodies on the street, dead bodies of women. We gotta keep walking tho because we're a street away from the Hotel and every step we take we find another body lying on the floor. Like I said before, all I feel is a constant anxiety that makes me wanna run, but we also have to be very careful, we're being extremely careful and also extremely quiet, every small noise we make could let the danger know where we are, it feels like we're being chased but we don't see what chases us. We can't afford to freak out.
We get to the Hotel door, and the feeling of wanting to run intensifies because we're just there, we enter, get to the hallway and now i'm standing in front of the elevator, I don't know where my mom is, something tells me she went up already even tho I didn't see her take the elevator before me, so I'm alone looking at each side of the hallway still standing there and there it stops. I think I got in the elevator but I'm not sure.

Seeing the length of just this one dream I had, im gonna have to split the rest in more parts, because I've had quite a few really weird dreams. I also don't think people wanna read 900 (im exaggerating lol) pages of weird dreams I've had in just one blog.
So I hope you've enjoyed this one, let me know if ya'll actually wanna know more about this.

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Magickal Warlock

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Certainly makes for a great horror film- Do indeed tell us more!

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thank u! My mind makes up weird stuff lol, I will!

by xXLil4cLuXx; ; Report

i would love to see that horror movie lol

by silver; ; Report

best horror is created in our minds

by xXLil4cLuXx; ; Report