Weird dreams I've had 2

Hello people, here I am again two weeks later with this topic, I procrastinate a lot but now I feel like writing again.

Like I said before, my dreams, or nightmares actually, are more anxiety inducing and the feeling of being chased is something that always repeats itself. Also the feeling of loneliness,  even if there is someone with me in the dream, I can't see them directly, I know they're there next to me, but I can't look a them directly for some reason. This one I'm gonna tell you about right now repeats itself frequently, a lot of the times it repeats separated in parts or change slightly.

This one starts like this, me and my mom are travelling in a bus on a sunny day, starts well for now, seems like a normal day in real life, something we would actually do because we travel to places together a lot. So i'm there, sitting, looking out the window, I dont know exactly where we are going but I know this place isn't it, the streets don't look familiar at all, it looks like we're far away from home and like it'll take us a lot of time to get back. 
So I look around through the people who's faces I can't see, looking for my mom, like I said I know she's here too, but I can't exactly see her. I wanna ask her where we are, where we're going, at what bus stop we get down at but I can't find her, it seems like she got down already maybe, so I get down at the next bus stop.
After getting down the bus I look to the streets we came through to see if I can find her, there's no trace of her on the street, so I look to the windows of the bus while it leaves and I think I see her there but I'm still not sure. One thing I am sure is that I'm alone. So I walk, I walk hoping to find a street I recognize, a bus stop that actually takes me back to my neighborhood. At first the streets were small and empty, it seems like there were just houses, but after walking for a while it widens and leads me to a place where there's people and bussinesses, like I mentioned, I know there's people, but I can't see their faces, I just don't see them. By now it's not as sunny anymore, it looks like the sun is going down and the bussinesses are closed, there's no one I can ask for directions or help or at least it feels like that. I think I see streets I recognize, some look familiar but not enough, so I keep walking, I also for some reason don't find a bus stop that takes me back because in a place like that, there should be at least one, but no, not even one. 
While walking I get to a park, and by now it's already dark outside, the streets, sidewalks and park feel big and lonely, there's barely any people left all of a sudden. I just keep walking following whatever direction looks familiar. Far away in the dark park, where the only lightning is just a few street lights, I see some people in a group, but they don't seem friendly, so I keep walking trying as best as I can to avoid them, trying to crouch and hide wherever I can so they don't see me, but they do... and they start following me, they're not running after me tho, they're walking slowly, they don't seem interested in knowing if I'm safe because they ask no questions, they don't say a single word, so while looking behind me I walk away faster.
I can't see their faces except for one short woman. I see her face when she steps into the street light and her expression seems serious, and again, I see her but I can't exactly recognize a single face feature, they're just people with dark clothes in the already dark park walking towards me. 
By now I leave the park and continue walking through some small streets, these are either well lit or just not as dark. At the end i'm just hoping I loose them, I loose most of them except for the woman, she follows every turn I take. She's like a ghost, a faceless figure that everytime I look behind me she's there poking her head out, I don't see her face as clearly anymore. And then I wake up.

Like I said, this dream repeats itself often, in one it stops right as I see her face under the light. In another one I don't reach a small well lit street, I just keep walking until I see an avenue that looks like the one close to my house, by then it seems like I lost them all and I wake up.

This blog was a hard one to write honestly because my memories aren't as clear anymore, I'm not sure if I actually dreamed about this more than once or not, I just remember different endings. Where do they come from? No clue. 
So that's it, I hope you enjoyed this blog. I've had many creepy dreams so I might continue this series, I don't promise anything tho. 

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Jack Raven

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Very creepy. I wonder why youre able to see the one womans face. Interesting. Thank you for sharing this!

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I wonder that too, she doesn't seem familiar to anyone I know of

by xXLil4cLuXx; ; Report

Magickal Warlock

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Thanks for sharing all your tales of dark slumber...

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Ur welcome lol, writing these dumb blogs gives me smth to do

by xXLil4cLuXx; ; Report

Not dumb at all lol,but I feel you- certainly dumb times we're experiencing.

But it's nice to express yourself in a blog.

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

True, I usually ruminate a lot about a lot of stuff so it's nice to do smth with it

by xXLil4cLuXx; ; Report