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today ^_^

Category: Life

today was pretty ordinary i did an education group in my depression recovery program & we took some tests 4 personality & career clusters, it was fun i didnt draw anything new today, but im probably going 2 do some journalling & research a disease (it's this "conspiracy" thing, not rlly a conspiracy per se, but there's a whole thing around it about whether it's a psychological or physical disease.... » Continue Reading

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kewl stuff

Category: Art and Photography

today during ET (experiential therapy) we got 2 make slime!!!!! i havent made slime in YEARS, so it was pretty fun :3 i scented it like lime + lavender and it smells like a room spray i used to have. its soooo good ^_^ i also made another rlly kool drawing B) pictures: » Continue Reading

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1 Comment


Category: Blogging

honestly, my hair looks ginger in this lighting (its fading from neon red) BUT IT LOOKZ SOOOOOOO KEWL RIGHT NOW ^_^ » Continue Reading

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Art dump >_<

Category: Art and Photography

Here's a buncha stuff i drew today xp (ignore the stain, i got pesto sauce on the paper during lunch, but when i got the sauce off, it looked like the character pissed herself. so i coloured over it and obviously it didnt work out as intended.) » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Today i got complimented on my hands it made me rlly happy since my hands are one of my biggest insecurities they said my hands looked soft 🥹 » Continue Reading

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dessert :3

Category: Food and Restaurants

I just made the best dessert ever...but its SO unhealthy. we'll say it's a "once in a while" food.. basically, i put rainbow sherbert in a bowl, added some milk, stirred it, then added some strawberry yogurt and stirred it again I KNOW it sounds GROSS & i honestly though it was gonna b, but....it wasn't  honestly, at 1st, it was rlly sweet, but i just hadnt mixed it all the way anyways, hate me fo... » Continue Reading

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