Art dump >_<

Here's a buncha stuff i drew today xp

(ignore the stain, i got pesto sauce on the paper during lunch, but when i got the sauce off, it looked like the character pissed herself. so i coloured over it and obviously it didnt work out as intended.)

also lookit these kewl necklaces i have c:<

In the midst of me drawing (aka my drawing spree), i realised that i didnt quite like the first eye design i was doing, so i chose to do an even more painstaking, but might i add, better looking eye. Though, all I'm good at drawing is scenemos, so my art won't make much of an impact on the world (at least i hope it won't).

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you kept the heart I made on scene queen’s page!!<333

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ofc i did!!!!! ^_^

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Definitely better than what I can do. Well done. Keep it up.

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im sure ur art is good 2!! but thx so much!!! ^_^

by v4mpyro; ; Report

I promise you, it is not lol.

by Jekka; ; Report