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honestly, my hair looks ginger in this lighting (its fading from neon red) BUT IT LOOKZ SOOOOOOO KEWL RIGHT NOW ^_^

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omg i love ur hair so much!!! it compliments ur skin tone imo! now ur making me wanna dye my hair

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thx so much!!! ^_^ & u should DEF dye ur hair

by v4mpyro; ; Report

my mom doesn't want me to dye it exotic colors,,, but i have blonde highlights so that's something!! maybe when i get older i'll pull what u did and go full neon lol

by oceandust; ; Report

well, im sure it will look great whatever u do!! ^_^ also, i LUV ur pfp :3

by v4mpyro; ; Report

tysm!!! i love ur aesthetic too,, i've always admired that kind of thing but im too shy to say anything lmao

by oceandust; ; Report

awww ty!! i never rlly get compliments on my style, quite frankly its usually the opposite, so i rlly do mean thank u!!!!! u seem rlly kind, it was great talking 2 u c:

by v4mpyro; ; Report

ofc!!! i loved talking to u too!!

by oceandust; ; Report