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vampire much?

Category: Blogging

Feeling like a ****ing vampire today... total dracula **** yeah! watch out guys I'm badass!... ... ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

You know what it is from the title why do I have to explain sh*t to you. » Continue Reading

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context for my last blog... since people be hating...

Category: Games

yeah... i'm a gamer . I like gaming . its kind of my thing...  and if you don't like that you can put it in your pipe and smoke it ... yeah.. I'm pullin' no punches... at all... today... » Continue Reading

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Fallout New Vegas review?

Category: Games

Its kind of dope? :) and I like it?!?  Shigeru after playing this game be like: » Continue Reading

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austin powers honest opinion

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

y'all remember that little dude miniman from austin powers that shit was awesome he like ate hcoklate nad was short an shit hahah that was awesome. and how he wante to eat that cat but like big mini me din't let him hahahahahha » Continue Reading

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Good news

Category: Travel and Places

Got a 40 yo bike from Japan for 80 bucks.  And it was in DREAM condition...  Also got a BLACK EYE from falling off the Side of my b bed  today... (These events are completely unrelated) » Continue Reading

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update on spafhetti

Category: Blogging

 i feel a little sick if im gonna be honest... i might throw up... but thas okay » Continue Reading

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good day

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Just got done with all my chores for this week... Living high, and Loving it... » Continue Reading

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