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New generations scaryyyyyy

Category: Life

Right now i am a lab TA in college. When i grade my students lab reports it honestly concerns me about how bad ALL of them are at reading the question. It states that in your report you need to indicate the color and +/- result of the test....... every single one of them just named the bacteria they used. when i handed them back too 20+ students came up to ask me about it and said they deserved po... » Continue Reading

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why hello lorax

Category: SpaceHey

Since the loraxes speak for the trees, everyone with the pfp lorax is required to plant 10 trees! have fun and i am mister beast so you guys should do the challenge!  - mr beast. » Continue Reading

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RIP me .....

Category: Blogging

Drank an entire bottle of red wine last night and my teeth are stained :/ I have to teach today in lab and can not get it out..... » Continue Reading

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list of some of my favorite movies KD

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

some of my favs and if you recommend any lmk :D >Mom and dad save the world -1992 >The way way back -2013 >Babyteeth -2019 >Bladerunner 2049 -2017 >Twilight Franchise >Whip it -2009 >The entire "Red vs. Blue" series >Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant >The Batman -2023 >Bullet train -2022 >Interstellar -2014 >Moonrise Kingdom -2012 >As above, so below » Continue Reading

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Music suggestions pls XD

Category: Music

Ive been meaning to listen to more music for new years resolution but i keep playing my same 3 playlists:/  If anyone wants to recommend some songs XD okieee thx baes » Continue Reading

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some one helppppp plss

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Does anyone know how to add the last fm thing on my layout, I keep seeing it but i cant figure it out :( I also cant find it in the layouts » Continue Reading

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About ME!!!!

Category: Friends

HI! im mob, and i wanted to get an intro post out about myself! Im currently in my 3rd year of studying biology with a concentration in marine and aquatic biology. I specifically want to work on sustainability of sunscreens and water treatment to conserve the marine system. My favorite animal is a midnight parrotfish which I have had the lovely opportunity to scuba dive with..... i may or may not ... » Continue Reading

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