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i want answerzzzz

Category: Pets and Animals

i am so very close to fall asleep with my laptop on my stomach, but with my last strenght i must ask, does any one of you own a marimo mossball? i remember light as day when i first saw a big gal like this in the local zoological gardens.  i went there for the fish (back then i was a marine biology nerd ahuhu) but i discovered these beautiful creatures. after that day, i researched and looked for ... » Continue Reading

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my absolute dilemma

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

hello interweb surfers! i've always had trouble with keeping up with my fashion sense, it is so hard to choose out of the bunch of marvelous styles! i've also been eyeing with scene fashion ever since i was a little fleshgirl, but my love for soft, naturistic, buggy and breezy things just can't die!!! i love clovers, all things pattern...does this mean nature frutiger aero? im not the typa girl to... » Continue Reading

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report that degenerate

Category: SpaceHey

i suppose this is only one person doing this and i'm aware that these people come and go, but please go report and block those self harm accounts, they're a smelly, rotting stain on this site. and go follow safety puppy and kitty! gotta love me some safety pets! » Continue Reading

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nature with the fleshgirl!

Category: Travel and Places

hello! today i went out to observe nature and although i didn't find any particurally interesting looking bugs that i could take pictures of i made nature photographs and inserted the fleshgirl onto them. the fleshgirl loves nature and so do i! have a lovely day! » Continue Reading

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i liek green ˘_˘

Category: Life

you interweb folks could already figure out that i really like the color green, green is everything for me right now, i could live in it leaving every other color behind. i truly feel like a pre-schooler making the most senseless things a character trait and i belive that this is the healthiest thing i can possibly do to my life right now. it simply just covers and surrounds you, like you could sl... » Continue Reading

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first bliggy bloggy ˇ_ˇ

Category: Life

Salutations, interweb surfer chau here! I wouldnt say that im quite new to spacehey, however ive never started an actual blog before, but as mesmerizing it looks from an outside perspective to use this old, forgotten way for one to talk about their thoughts, i have to take a try! Anyways, i will mostly share my thoughts, maybe some bug pictures, gifs and my interests, which are yet not visible on ... » Continue Reading

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