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report that degenerate

i suppose this is only one person doing this and i'm aware that these people come and go, but please go report and block those self harm accounts, they're a smelly, rotting stain on this site. and go follow safety puppy and kitty! gotta love me some safety pets!

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Ratchet | Aurora

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I've seen these. I've blocked around 14 of them its..like disturbing its gross and freaking me out.

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you did great, thankfully they are suspended, i dont see any new ones for now!

by fleshyy_; ; Report

yeah I think they're calming down, I also contacted spacehey. so I wonder if that means the feedback is working or the reports finally reached.

by Ratchet | Aurora; ; Report

i think they suspended or even banned the person behind these profiles for good, but im not sure, however the case, spacehey shouldnt let people make spam accounts this easily and they should filter content like this more

by fleshyy_; ; Report

yeah true.

by Ratchet | Aurora; ; Report


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one of the accounts has a profile linked to their page.. of course it's someone with a columbine shooter as their pfp with very questionable interests :/

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theyre already suspended! thankfully for now i dont see any of those disgusting accounts pop up, so spacehey did its thing!

by fleshyy_; ; Report