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first bliggy bloggy ˇ_ˇ

Salutations, interweb surfer chau here!

I wouldnt say that im quite new to spacehey, however ive never started an actual blog before, but as mesmerizing it looks from an outside perspective to use this old, forgotten way for one to talk about their thoughts, i have to take a try!

Anyways, i will mostly share my thoughts, maybe some bug pictures, gifs and my interests, which are yet not visible on my account, it is far too late for me to actually start listing them, i will however do so tomorrow afternoon as soon as i get back to the smoothering hands of the interweb. For now, only my blinkies, a furby and my ever so green website is there to see for you interweb surfers!

Goodnight for the ones who are in the same timezone!

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