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My worklife?

Category: Blogging

So my work life is hard to explain but I do writing commissions, and I promise I actually look at my writing in these, you can ask me to write anything and if it isn't too long no price but if it will take awhile message me privately to talk about prices and shit I don't judge. » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Me and my friends are so silly yall, but I wanted to see if yall would follow my youtube Pjsr_Tv bc we post videos of us being silly and its funny  » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

I was correct. Every bit of my theory proves to be correct. The American government has found evidence that there is aliens and I am every happy. » Continue Reading

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The minds of people eaters (idk how to spell)

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I am really interested in how the brain works of many murders. Mostly because most people couldn't even think of or manage to get away with it. The people that have murdered a ton of people really interest me because many don't feel guilt for what they have done. While when I did some studying I came up with a theory maybe people are just yummy and I can't stop eating them. I don't know anymore I ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

Isn't so freaking cool how the brain is different for every person on this planet. I mean you could be a lot like with someone but you aren't exactly alike, and that is what interests me. We all are different in many ways more than one. Multi studies have shown that the brain will do anything to protect itself, much like we humans do(I am not a robot).The human brain is one of the most valuable or... » Continue Reading

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Space and theories on evolution

Category: Writing and Poetry

Have you ever thought about how we are alone in the universe. That can't be true with infinite space. Everyone says you can't live without water and air however we evolved to live on our planet.Have we ever thought that other beings could of evolved to live on other planets like we did to ours and how we believe other beings cannot live without the things we evolved with an gotten used to.If we ar... » Continue Reading

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