Isn't so freaking cool how the brain is different for every person on this planet. I mean you could be a lot like with someone but you aren't exactly alike, and that is what interests me. We all are different in many ways more than one. Multi studies have shown that the brain will do anything to protect itself, much like we humans do(I am not a robot).The human brain is one of the most valuable organs. Also have you ever thought of what happens when you fall asleep when a study shows one part of your brain is making up your dreams and the other is living the dreams. If you don't have dreams it's simply because you can't make up any, maybe your brain was too distracted doing something else. 

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omg finally someone else who appreciates this ToT ITS SO COOL!!!!!

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AHHH I love ittt soo muchhhh its soo cool and so many theories we can study

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