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hip pain and stuff

Category: Life

someway somehow last night i fucked up my hip, istg all i did was reach into rocky's toy and suddenly my hip say bye! and just disconnect from uh.. whatever hip connects to idk i failed biology since grade school. since discovering sisters of mercy (very late i know, but also earlier this year i thot slash was a band and he was just some guy in a band name slash so bear with me) i have been gettin... » Continue Reading

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im rangting bc im dumb and tired

Category: Music

sucks watching a video of james hetfield basically saying they never wanted to be boxed into one genre and have always wanted to experiment, but no matter what, people just gonna keep calling em a sell out. these people should listen to different bands i swear to god. they peak in the 80s and just missed it, i know damn well they dont like metallica past black album its so pathetic. theres so many... » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

it was after school and everybody alr went home. usually i would go with the school bus but for some reason they made us pay. i thot it was stupid to pay and wait for me to be delivered home right after all the other kids so instead i order and uber. while i was waiting the street becomes more like a neighborhood and then suddenly im inside a big apartment. theres stories to this apartment. i am s... » Continue Reading

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daily update

Category: Music

been trying to get into more gothic metal. i know i love type o negative and i need more bands. also started learning some basic drumming. and im soo close to playing peace sells bassline on normal speed. just need more practice, even moreee practice. still cant get over stone cold crazy cover james hetfield did with queen at the wembley stadium. idk why its so perfect to me, found it 4 days ago a... » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

ive been having nightmares since 2020. i remember when it started. i couldnt sleep but it was only 11 pm. it was raining really hard and i couldnt breath, not sure what happened but ever since theni dont rest well. i hate rains too now. it started out normal nightmare stuff. like i would get chased and stuff or like some weird past stuff where i would keep befriending my bully from middle school w... » Continue Reading

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