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im rangting bc im dumb and tired

sucks watching a video of james hetfield basically saying they never wanted to be boxed into one genre and have always wanted to experiment, but no matter what, people just gonna keep calling em a sell out. these people should listen to different bands i swear to god. they peak in the 80s and just missed it, i know damn well they dont like metallica past black album its so pathetic. theres so many bands that created the same songs and beat through the years, and they sound great, why cant these pople just listen to those bands, obviously metallica is not that. before thrash i try to get into nu metal bc it seems like the type im already into. and when i said that i only mean deftones bc i do not know music at the moment. and i tried to listen to their whole album, and in the nicest way possible its hard to know when a new song started and when it ends. especially when you have that crossfade features on. and obviously im wrong, many people like deftones. so why dont they just listen to those bands. watching metallica shows, no matter what, everytime they brought out the new songs most audience would always wants the old ones. this one show in hamburg or something in 1997. this fucking guy keep screaming seek and destroy in between songs my gawd it was fucking annoying. youre listening to the load album in real time be fucking grateful. also i dont trust people that dont like the load album. bullshit. bulllllllsssshiiiiiiiittt. the only person allowed to hate it is jason because he was barely in it, but fucking bullshit if you have ears and dont like load and reload. just stop listening to music at that point. anyway, i gotta finished my breakfast, sorry for ranting, bye ringo!

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