it was after school and everybody alr went home. usually i would go with the school bus but for some reason they made us pay. i thot it was stupid to pay and wait for me to be delivered home right after all the other kids so instead i order and uber. while i was waiting the street becomes more like a neighborhood and then suddenly im inside a big apartment. theres stories to this apartment. i am stuck in the second highest one. the one without exit. theres a lot of people there. i approach a woman by the pool and asked here where the exit is. she was really nice, but she said the exit is member only. she said i should try finding the staff. i saw a sauna up ahead operating. so i went there. and there was a guy who works behind the front office counter. but he couldnt speak to me. staff only speak to members only people. anw i force him to talk to me and he got sooo mad it was fucking terrifying. and then i woke up. i think anyway, i dont really rmr anything anymore. stay tune for more nightmares i guess. bye, ringo!

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