ive been having nightmares since 2020. i remember when it started. i couldnt sleep but it was only 11 pm. it was raining really hard and i couldnt breath, not sure what happened but ever since theni dont rest well. i hate rains too now. it started out normal nightmare stuff. like i would get chased and stuff or like some weird past stuff where i would keep befriending my bully from middle school who was also my best friend. i cut her off one day and she just keeps coming back to my dream. but all those turns into me getting killed over and over again by literally anything, which is tiring. one time i dreamt about homelander snapping my neck. i do not need that. recently i dreamt something even worse. and i dont even like saying it, it sjut bad. like real bad. i dont really understand why im so fucked in the head.i wished every human mind were wired the same way. i dont get why i have to stuck with mine. i dont want to sleep ever again. i dont like it. tjhese days i just stay up until i passed out. i hate it, i hate sleeping. 

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