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hip pain and stuff

someway somehow last night i fucked up my hip, istg all i did was reach into rocky's toy and suddenly my hip say bye! and just disconnect from uh.. whatever hip connects to idk i failed biology since grade school. since discovering sisters of mercy (very late i know, but also earlier this year i thot slash was a band and he was just some guy in a band name slash so bear with me) i have been getting into more drum machine user bands. one of my favorite rn is godflesh. idk theyre just perfect i want to get a drum machine so bad now. i think im gonna save up and get the volca drum at some point. i can imagine making some of those industrial metal beats and then jamming out my bass with a fuck ton of distortion it would sound so good. although it wont be like godflesh, bc i know my songs would have clear vocals. think the jesus lizard with heavier riff and solos. idk. i just want to make some noise. ive been trying to practice my designing skill and editing on after effect. i need this to be my income. yea blah blah ive been trying to get back on my feet bc my mental health was shite and i wanted to leave this world as soon as i get back to uni, but i gotta try a bit at least. making money not bc i have to but bc i want to buy volca drums and flying v bass or explorer bass so i could be james hetfield just shorter and less cool. also with volca drums i know i dont ever need to find a drummer. yea sure if they ever came that would be great. like a sent from heaven good. but i think ill do just fine without it. im never good with group project anyway. i think ive decided i dont want em since i watched some kind of monster back in october. anyway, they also the reason why im going to ditch college. id rather die than come back im so serious. ill get a job and ill get gigs. or im gonna be another drop out dead , either way ill be happy for being out of that stupid uni with those conservativesfucks and rapey professors. sorry for ranting too long, see you next time ringo. 

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